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Founded by Riccardo Emanuele and Samuel Balasso, NCB ARCHITETTURA is a design studio based in Milan, dealing with projects spanning across a whole range of different scales of intervention. The studio focuses on the valorisation of the Italian culture of “project to end product”, pursuing with great enthusiasm that philosophy rooted in the footprints of its great masters, always aware of the cultural, social and economic implications when performing/dealing with architecture and design. Where experience is concerned – with particular focus on thematic like the renovation and valorisation of that historical and architectural heritage, of the hospitality, the residential, the interior and of the landscaping – the initial approach to a new project, its “incipit”, comes in the form of a dialog with the pre existing features, in the learning of the context. The final aim is to be able to offer a solution, both coherent and sustainable, to the demand of new quality spaces, places and products, sustained by the continuous research of perennial laws of beauty and functionality, starting from its primary components: matter, shape and technique. From all the completed works, are worth mentioning the refurbishments of Relais Histò – Taranto, the valorisation of Palazzo Molin del Cuoridoro – Venezia (of Culti contract), the realization of the leisure and entertainment rooms of Forte Village – Cagliari, the interiors of Palazzo Telesio, Marè Resort - Trani, the architectural and functional recovery of the Masseria Le Fabriche – Maruggio, the renovation of the park, the interiors and the whole architectural complex of the rural Villa Ragosia located in Erice – Trapani, the project for Villa di Casafaro a Favignana and its gardens, the interiors for apartments in Prague and Milan. Currently under going projects include the preliminary design for the recovery of the ex- prison of S. Giminiano, the functional requalification of the Ex-Tabacchi Orientali in Lecce, and the valorization of the household complex of Corillo in Galatone. Since 2013, the studio has also been in charge of the artistic direction and the curatorial research of Scene Mediterranee: a project born with the intent of promoting the artistic excellence and the high quality of the Italian artisans and of their places of provenance, through a dedicated online platform: SAMUEL BALASSO (1968) Architect, studies at the Politecnic of Milan and graduates in interior design. After a collaboration with the studio Aldo Rossi (today Arassociati), in 1998 works as designer for B&B contract and from 2000 for Bulthaup. In 2002 becomes an associate of the studio NCB ARCHITETTURA. RICCARDO EMANUELE (1970) Architect, graduates from the Politecnic of Milan, then studies at ETSA in Valladolid. Obtains a Master in Applied Ergonomics and is mentioned in several calls for designers. After working as researcher in the academies of London and Milan, becomes a professional in 1998, and is the FAI representative for the delegation of Milan.
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