Nedlaw Living Wall Biofilters are unique in the world. These remarkable biofilters use nature’s processes to ‘consume’ pollutants, thereby cleaning indoor air. When integrated into air handling systems, Nedlaw biofilters can provide fresh air to a building at 90% less cost than traditional HVAC systems for significant energy savings. By replacing or reducing HVAC equipment, Nedlaw Biofilters can pay for themselves and provide continuous energy savings - in addition to providing healthier and more enjoyable interior spaces. Our hydroponic systems are soil-free, flourish with natural or artificial lighting and require minimal (yet regular) maintenance. In most cases, our living wall biofilters are custom designed for a client's space. The modular Nedlaw system can be a vertical, horizontal, curved or elevated design. Designers have complete flexibility - incorporating doorways, water features, staircases and more. Nedlaw biofilters have been installed throughout North America, in the Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East.
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