nexe arquitectura

nexe arquitectura

Architects from 08830 Sant Boi de Llobregat, Spain
nexe 1 m. [LC] Connection between one thing and another one.

arquitectura 1 1 f. [LC] [AQ] [AR] The Art of building / 1 2 f. [AQ] Conception of spaces or sets of spaces for the use and atmosphere of people.

Multiple factors that are found… a time, a place, some people, a group, a team of architects, a place, some pre-existences, some requirements, expectations, a budget, a baggage, dreams … Circumstances, trusts and responsibilities that braid forming a nexus.

We propose an easy and close architecture, which does not impose rules but suggests guidelines of life, a board where infinite games are possible.

We imagine open and clear spaces, transparencies and new visions, changing and subtle relationships, friendly textures and colors, the astonishing magic of light. An architecture lived in multiple angles, uses, moods, sensibilities and times.

We seek consistency of the parts and, from the genesis, the projects intertwine the conception of spaces, a flexible functional program, a precise structure, fluid installations, and adjusted and environmentally efficient constructive solutions. And a strict control of the budget and the quality in all phases of the project and the work.
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08830 Sant Boi de Llobregat, Spain