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Architects from No.3, 12th Alley, Hasan-e-Seyf St. , Shahrak Gharb, Iran
Iranian architect and painter Alireza Taghaboni has been a practicing architect since 2004 and founded Next Office in 2009.
Taghaboni holds a PHD degree in Architecture and is a frequent contributor to Iranian architecture and urbanism magazines and periodicals.
He is a ladder faculty and a partner at Center for Contemporary Architecture, a private institution in Tehran that offers alternative architecture education for younger generations of Iranian architects, out of the formalized pedagogical frameworks of the country.
Based in Tehran, Next Office aims to provide contemporary responses to traditional Iranian architecture, taking into account climatic conditions and the economico-political and socio-cultural context of the country and peculiarities of each project’s site.
The practice’s work covers all categories of buildings ranging from detached single-family houses to residential, commercial and mixed-use large-scale complexes, to urban master plans. Over the past decade, the practice has won several Memar Awards, a very prestigious national award for architecture in Iran that is held annually, becoming among the top winning practices of the country.
Its Sharifi-ha house, which features rotating rooms that adapt to Iran’s fluctuating lifestyles, and offers a critical response to building regulations and zoning by-laws, was shortlisted at the World Architecture Festival in 2014 and has been acknowledged internationally both in professional media and those with a more public audience.
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