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Nick Deaver Architect

Architects from 606 Highland Ave, Austin, Texas 78703, United States
Architecture is personal, the art of making one’s place for life, happiness and well being. Our design process emphasizes personal dialogue, discovery and results in an architecture reflective of and belonging to each client. We are interested in creating memorable places that respond to the local context with a commitment to minimal demands on the environment and optimum return on the use of nature and materials.

Prominent in our designs, which have been described as both traditional and modern, are the use of natural light, the flow of space and the dissolving of conventional distinctions between interior and exterior. We believe buildings should submit rather than subjugate the land and that architecture can awaken the senses reconnecting us with nature. Our work seeks to celebrate modesty, beauty and meaning, all qualities that encourage sustainability. Nick Deaver has received numerous awards for a wide range of projects from residential to genetics laboratories, many with strict budgets. We give special attention to the owner, the builder and trades people in the design and construction process. Accessibility and communication enlarges each participant’s investment and raises the craft of the building.

We believe architecture is personal and aspire to enrich our client’s lives through it.
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