Nita Architects
Gürkan Akay
Nita Architects

Nita Architects

Architects from antalya, Turkey
NITA (Nitelikli Tasarımlar Atölyesi meaning a “virtue design studio” ) embrace the value of functional and

aesthetic design in both architecture and interior architecture field which was found by architect

Serdar KIZILTAŞ and Zeynep MELİKE KIZILTAŞ in the year of 2014 in Istanbul Kadıköy which was later moved

to Antalya.

NITA, dialogues projects in terms of forming spaces which are both virtual in a design perspective and

functional. In context , for a feasible human atmosphere our design extend to a wide range of mobility

designing to urban designing both in local destination and international.

By securing an excellence award for 2016 EXPO tower design competition, which was held in June 2014,

NITA established her name on the architecture industry taking along the pride of designing the first EXPO

tower for Turkey.