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Niteko Srl

Niteko Srl is an italian Company that manufactures and commercializes Solid-state lamps settled in Montemesola, Apulia, Italy. The Company offers Made in Italy customizable and high quality LED Fixtures for Street, industrial, large areas lighting, identified with "Eleva" brand and commercialized high efficiency products for indoor solutions and commercial spaces with "Habita" brand. The founders, Giuseppe Vendramin, Emiliano Petrachi and Alessandro Deodati, met each other when they were still university students. They started as an university spin-off, working in the field of renewables and lighting systems, with the aim of using LED lamps for public and street lighting. They worked as consultants for other companies, until they met two open-minded business men that decided to invest in their project. It was 2011 and Niteko was just born. Since then, it has always been a rising path, becoming an excellence in the field of LED lighting systems, thanks to an always innovating R&D Department. The technical department offers pre and post-sales service assistance, being a reliable partner in lighting systems projects. Design and production just in time offers products on demand, based on customer requirements. As a FINSEA Holding Company, Niteko is also partner of AIDI and Ecolamp. In the last years, Niteko has started to enlarge its horizons, working with foreign partners: it has official distributors in Czech Republic and Poland and it aims to expand worldwide. The aim of our products range is to satisfy market needs: Best quality at competitive prices.
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