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Nomad Studio is the head of an international network of professionals working together to achieve unique solutions for Landscape Architecture Projects. Our commitment extends beyond the design to encompass the people who will interact with the project and the context in which it will be implemented. Each project demands a unique approach and is considered from a multi-faceted perspective, balancing social and environmental parameters, aesthetics, innovation and economic realities. We tailor each project with a team specifically designed for it. This allows Nomad Studio the ability to maintain the flexibility, motivation, awareness, and diversity to face each project. Nomad Studio’s founders possess an uncommon breadth and depth of skills that they apply to every project. Each commission balances both the macro-scale - the holistic vision and approach to the project, while at the same time maintaining focus of the micro - materiality, ornamentation, and pattern as expressed through custom furniture, lighting, paving, and other details that provide each project its own unique identity. Nomad Studio was established circa 2009. Currently is based out of New York City.