O+ L building projects, LLC

O+ L building projects, LLC

Architects from 4509 Grand View Blvd, Los Angeles, California, USA
O+ L BUILDING PROJECTS LLC, a boutique Design / Build studio is located on the Westside of Los Angeles. Specializing in high-end residential design and construction, the goal for each project undertaken at O+ L BUILDING PROJECTS LLC is to realize the vision and ideas developed through the interaction of design and the craft of building. From conceptual design and finish detailing to Contract Administration, O+ L BUILDING PROJECTS LLC utilizes both their talent as designers and experience as builders to deliver the highest levels of design and construction for their Clients. Through the marriage of design and construction experience, O+ L BUILDING PROJECTS LLC creates highly detailed, elegant and thoughtful buildings to suit each individual Client’s needs and budget.

Providing services concentrated on Building and Interior Design, our services are often extended to Garden Design, Furniture Design and Construction Management for our Projects. Each Project is individually approached through a complete analysis of the Client’s needs, their site, program and budget. It is our belief that each of these qualities plays a critical and equal role in the formulation of design ideas. This process and the ideas it generates create an appropriate and singular response for that individual and their project. Playing with a composition of interior to exterior spaces, solid to transparent massing, rough and cold to warm and soft materials, a composition of space, light and materiality is created. This composition and the balance it creates between the function of the program and the beauty of design is at the heart of all of O+ L BUILDING PROJECTS LLC work.

To maintain the highest levels of quality and personal management of each of their Projects, O+ L BUILDING PROJECTS LLC sustains a low workload, concentrating on the personal attention our projects and Clients demand. The Principals maintain an intimate relationship with the buildings, personally managing every aspect of the work. It is through this personal care and a never-ending demand for quality that results in the buildings and interiors they create. O+ L BUILDING PROJECTS LLC does not believe that their responsibility ends when the design is complete, it is just beginning. The act of constructing the building is where concept and reality meet and that is where the design and building experience of O+ L BUILDING PROJECTS LLC has the greatest benefit to the Client and their Project.
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