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o2a studio

Architects from 25 Mazal Arye St., Jaffa, Israel
o2a-studio is an award winning, interdisciplinary architecture studio which specializes in the implementation of new theories and construction technologies for the design of unique projects in various scales.

Omer Barr and Amit Mandelkern, graduated with a Masters Degree from Columbia University in New York, and have gained wide-ranging experience working at some of the world's leading firms, including SOM in New York and Gehry Partners in Los Angeles. With their return to Israel they established the studio together. Alongside their work in the office they are both highly involved in research, urban art and academic education.

The firm's joint experience includes a wide variety of projects, ranging in scale from urban planning, skyscrapers, public buildings, retail and commercial, interior design, and both private and multi-storey residential buildings.

We believe that the architectural work should be unique, taking into account the client's specific requirements alongside an emphasis on public and environmental needs. As an architectural project exists within a physical, cultural and technological context, our job as architects is to acknowledge each of these worlds and link them together in an intelligent, interesting and innovative manner. The vast experience we have acquired in projects both in Israel and abroad has provided us with a high level of expertise in combining exceptional design together with providing creative solutions for different programmatic needs.

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25 Mazal Arye St., Jaffa, Israel