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Back to the source
Home, the place you really belong: pure, real and above all beautiful. That’s why we at Odesi go back to the source. We work with real materials. We love art, not artifice. Odesi furniture is designed with an exacting eye for purity and authenticity. Quality you can see and feel. Inspired by nature, created by people.

Dutch Design talent
There is a name behind every piece of furniture. Odesi a unique collection of Dutch Design Talents; a motley crew of creative spirits, young talent and established names with Kees Marcelis and Remy Meijers among them. Each one quirky, but always recognisable within the exclusive world of Odesi.

Authentic and beautiful
People seek authenticity in their home interiors today more than ever. What is authenticity? You will know it the moment you see and feel our furniture. The purity of the colours, forms and materials will inspire you. From silhouettes down to the very smallest details. Odesi furniture, modernist lines with old fashioned robust reliability.

Pure and durable
Beautiful furniture you will love for years to come. That's why we at Odesi pay so much attention to the materials, the finish and construction of our furniture. Wood really is wood. Metal really is metal. Durable and low maintenance, our furniture can easily take a knock. A piece of furniture isn't ever complete until it’s in your home and part of your life. Every day, year in year out.

Odesi products are designed by the finest Dutch Designers, each one renowned for their unique style and natural finesse. Let’s be honest; we are enormously proud. Every piece of furniture is produced with the utmost care, in limited numbers and available exclusively at Odesi.

Browse and buy online
Take your time, look around our online shop. No traffic. No pressure. Would you like to see and feel the furniture before you buy? You can visit our showroom in The Hague, or if you’re in Belgium or the Netherlands why not use our Home Showroom service; you can see how the furniture fits into your home and then decide. It really couldn’t be easier.
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