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Off Box Architecture
Off Box Architecture

Off Box Architecture

Our approach When you see a building, a car, a chair or even a spoon that is very well crafted, it’s an obvious solution when you track back to the usefulness of it. But when you analyze the whole and the sum of its parts, you realize that in order to achieve that level, the designer had to think unconventionally, to break the confining boundaries in order to discover new ways of using. We try to achieve that in our buildings, not for the sake of going ‘off box’ but because the buildings and designs that are deeply thought of, turn to be better in every aspect. In our projects we seek that moment when all of us are content with what the building is becoming, it’s the JUST RIGHT moment. It doesn’t represent a certain material, style or color, confining ourselves within these boundaries means to be biased in approaching a problem, and limit our Toolbox. Contrary It just is the right answer for the right environment.
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Off Box Architecture Prishtina, Kosovo
Rr. UÇK 102/7, Prishtina, Kosovo , Albania