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Architecture studio oiio is based in New York and Athens.

It seems that as soon as architects realized that they could construct anything, it became clear that the only way to achieve glory was to create their own unique versions of architecture. Prominent architecture became once again “one of a kind”. Authenticity through uniqueness became their ultimate goal. In their pursuit of originality, architects have become accomplished storytellers of their buildings. But it has been a long time since architects lost the need of an existing building in order to tell a good story.
The people have taken over, and the minds of the people have become the real vessel where architects can now build their monuments. Cities have become a reservoir of emotions and symbolism, daily deposited by its inhabitants. Architects are now free from the old constraints and are ready to wrestle with a city fabric covered by layers on top of layers, made of meaning and memory.
Certain parts of the city tend to accumulate much more of that symbolism, making all those hidden emotions spill out whenever they are agitated. Through their own way of agitation, architects are now capable of bringing about the inherent emotions of the city, achieving desirable attention for their work.
No more buildings, only stories !
There is a new frontier and architects are famous for their adaptability!

Ioannis Oikonomou, Architect - Founder
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