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OnLevel BV

Architects from Innovatielaan 25, Nijehaske, Netherlands
Welcome to OnLevel,
OnLevel glass balustrades are the best solutions for offices, shopping centers, banks, museums, train stations and apartments. The transparent, stylish and safe railingssystems add value to any design.

By installers, for installers
The OnLevel specialists have years of experience assembling glass balustrades. We know which requirements a construction must meet and what the easiest assembly method is. Thanks to our daily practical experience, we know exactly which problems you can come across. This practical knowledge forms the basis for the continuous innovation of our products.

A suitable balustrade for every space
It is not without good reason that glass balustrades have become a trend. They provide an aesthetic, low-maintenance, durable solution for homes, offices and public spaces. There is a wide choice of suitable systems for every space, all of which are stylish, safe and easy to assemble.

Now available separately
You can now also order the OnLevel systems and assemble them yourself. This gives you even more options!
Maybe you know exactly which profile you require, because the architect has included it in the design. However, it is also possible
that it only says ‘glass balustrade’. You can then choose one yourself with the aid of this product brochure or you can ask our
consultants for advice.

Trans Level from OnLevel: our experience is your gain
OnLevel’s many years of experience is reflected in the products. For example, our Trans Level glass profiles have:
- Top cover profiles to match the wall or floor.
- Water drainage openings.
- Extension pin ducts.
- A strong, anodised 25 μm coating.
- Robust, protective foil and cardboard packaging.