O&O European Design was founded by two brothers, Wiesław and Marek Olko. Wiesław Olko is a theatre and opera stage designer with numerous awards of international prestige to his credit. Marek Olko has experience of university teacher, music and film producer – represents the studio in its foreign relations with regard to project development and execution, logistics and interoperability. As ex-pilot he also supervises aviation projects for over fifteen years prominent in O&O portfolio. O&O European Design was incorporated in 1989. Since then the studio has designed and produced many custom – tailored interiors, furniture collections, sets and spatial arrangements for special events, as well as general architecture and landscape designs, and over thirty aircraft and helicopter new and remodelling projects. The principles guiding the studio’s operations are consistent concepts, aesthetics and the highest quality. What surrounds us has a direct influence on the quality of our thinking and our lives. This is why each of our designs is formulated in accordance with precise rules, taking into consideration the space, material, colour and detail. We do not restrict ourselves to any single style – we are equally inspired by Venetian palaces, Japanese architecture and design trends yet to come. Regardless of the design scale – be it the concept for a whole house or just a single piece of furniture, our goal is to create things of beauty, excellent quality and everlasting. O&O European Design has enlisted cooperation of experienced domestic and foreign architects and contractor companies. It has completed numerous projects abroad, in London, Miami, Moscow, Nice, Sardinia, among other locations. Systematic cooperation with leading domestic and foreign makers of furniture and other decorative elements gives us complete control of manufacturing quality and competitive pricing.
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