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Oron Milshtein

Interior Architects from n/a, Tel Aviv, Israel
Oron Milshtein is a forerunner and leader of the young and promising generation of designers in Israel. He holds a B.design degree from the College of Management. At the age of 31, Mr. Milstein runs his own design firm carrying out a wide variety of international and local projects. The studio specializes in innovative commercial compounds- mostly boutique fashion brands. In addition, Oron and his team operating planning and design of prestigious residencies projects.

This unique actuality - the determination to do everything different, new and innovative - is a central motif reflected in each and every of the studio's projects and interconnects them. The firm also takes part in many compatitions and exhibitions – constantly given great appreciation and awards. The firm is staffed with young ambitious designers. Work is carried out with high-level professionalism and mastery, while keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in Israel and abroad.

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