A deep seated connection to the cashmere of Mongolia. A strong design-led approach. These twin pillars are at the heart of every collection we create. It is an approach and heritage that sets us apart in the world of luxury cashmere - our aim is to bring our deep-seated connection to this ancient fibre to the forefront of a new type of luxury. Rich stories created through heartfelt experience… The finest products stripped down to nothing more complicated than the highest quality materials and creative design… We place cashmere at the forefront of our modern-day desires and experiences. Oyuna Tserendorj Oyuna Tserendorj founded OYUNA in 2002 after leaving her native Mongolia to study and travel extensively. A labour of love that began life as a small capsule collection of meticulously sourced throws has since grown into arguably the most diverse and expansive cashmere offering in the world. Womenswear followed in 2009, and has become a central outlet for Oyuna’s most creative impulses.
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