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PANLUX s.r.o.

PANLUX s.r.o.

Manufacturers from Kladruby 108 , Teplice, Czech Republic
Company PANLUX s.r.o. was founded in 1998 in the Czech Republic. Initially trading company has started its own production soon after its founding. Nowadays it belongs among leading manufacturers and distributors of lighting fixtures in central Europe with branch in Slovakia, Hong Kong and large logistic centre in the Czech Republic. This fact ensures its customers the ability of receiving their orders in the shortest possible time.

Company PANLUX s.r.o. disposes with wide variety of lighting fixtures for your interior and exterior, like home, office, industrial, garden, worklamps and design lighting. We also offer bulbs: halogens, metal halides, CFL, energy saving bulbs, LED bulbs and other accessories such as sensors, LED drivers, transformers, flashlights, headlights, wireless doorbells, etc.

As the interest in Czech products quickly increases, we have expanded distribution of our products around the world. These days we supply our products to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Malta, Iceland, Middle East and North Africa. Company PANLUX s.r.o. is also an exclusive distributor of brand LEDMED, which products you can also order in our eshop.
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