Paolo Ciacci
Paolo Ciacci

Paolo Ciacci

Designers from Via Nesazio 1, Italy
Contemporary: Paolo Ciacci’s work reflects the role of the contemporary professional interior and product decorator. Taking a holistic approach, from home to product planning, his work embraces fashion, design, architecture and contemporary art. In addition to projects to decorate homes, stores and showrooms, he participated in the creation of events such as A.I., for Altaroma, by transforming the concept of trade show into a veritable exhibition of artisanal products. In product design, he emphasizes both the playful and culturally sophisticated aspects of creation, by shaping forms and materials in ways that fit his own esthetic objective.
A keen traveler, especially between Italy and the United States, he has a passion for all types of expression that inspire inventiveness and can keep his work under close control thanks to his significant experience with the companies that make his products. He has a talent for experimenting, to overcome obstacles and bring together apparently distant materials and forms into new elements.
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