Paritzki & Liani Architects
Amit Geron
Paritzki & Liani Architects

Paritzki & Liani Architects

Architects from Tel aviv, Israel
The architecture of Paritzki & Liani is a spatial work conducted in the layered and complex relations between architecture and its context. Everything counts in the topography of a place, in the contemplated curves and angles of a path, visitor and space are united in a common dimension.
We are interested in a process we define as the ‘textile model’ which can decode the multiple territorial strata and their consistencies within the singular nature of a site.
Our program posits the need to define a coherent structural arrangement for various spatial systems, able to accommodate the changes required by the organic and inorganic process of occupation.
Construction techniques that are able to elaborate the range of forces in the fabrication of a space are the starting points for new spatial definitions, both in terms of geometry and morphogenesis.
The return to simple forms – not as a retreat into the vacuum of self-referentiality (in contemporary glossy minimalism), and the use of diagrams expressing parametric systems, are both instruments intended to develop a project designed for its future inhabitants.
The process of dissecting a visual coding becomes the elaboration of a spatial system capable of dealing with actions and movements rather than forms and functions. A tectonic programming emerges, which responds to human reality, as a network of actions through sensations.
The locus of architecture is not solely identified with the terrain, surface and air, but these natural components are re-examined through gravity, weight, movement, stasis, distance and proximity. The recomposing of an articulated ‘textile’ combines both material techniques and perceptive systems. We collaborate with our clients and our commitment is to explore, in the most adventurous spirit, long-lasting value for inventive solution.