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PARKA is the association of two young architects of Quebec, Luc Bélanger and Geneviève Guimont, who are interested in creative processes in architecture and design. We want to change the practice by placing human needs and aspirations at the center of our design process, through a collaborative approach to promoting the emergence of sensitive and creative solutions. Building on the exchanges and collaboration with designers from various disciplines, ranging from urban design to graphic design, we strive to develop solutions adapted to the context and needs of our customers. Thus, beyond the aesthetic and formal considerations that define the visual aspect of our projects, we rely on an own reflection for each project on the conceptual process to advocate for each of them. Our focus is to design spaces, installations and objects that are a positive addition to the lives of our customers and the community. Through our research and design creation, we want to improve people's lives.
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Parka Architecture & Design Quebec City
291, St-Vallier Est, suite 106, Quebec City, Canada