Pasel.kuenzel architects
Marcel van der Burg
Pasel.kuenzel architects

Pasel.kuenzel architects

Architects from Josephstraat 160-162, Rotterdam, Netherlands
In 2002, pasel.künzel architects was founded on the principle that "there is no urbanism without detail, and no detail without urbanism" and that everything in between is architecture.
We consequently feel - as architects - compelled to work on all levels of scale, from general land-use plans down to the minute details of material junctions.

To us, our profession means: think out ideas and show their qualities, and let projects develop their own identity .


Our in-house services and consultancy covers all phases of the planning and building process for small projects.

To cover all scales, we work with and manage other consultants in the fields of engineering, quantity surveying, and cost, building and fire-prevention regulations.

We have and continue to work on the basis of full commission during the entire process. This allows us to control the quality of our work and guarantee a good final product.


If you are interested in our services for any current or future projects, please feel free to contact us for an initial and exchange of thoughts, free of charge.