Pedone Working SRL
Pedone Working SRL

Pedone Working SRL

Urban Planners from Via Sant’Andrea 87/4, Bisceglie (BT), Italy
"Consuming less energy is the first way to save energy"
Pedone Working Group thinks that innovation is essential in the research for energy savings and to reduce the human impact on the environment. Building sustainable cities requires new solutions for true energy performance and environmental quality.

The key points of this urban renewal are:
 -Urban planning: Reduce land use and re-use brownfield sites;
 -Green environment: Green network like microclimatic improvement to reduce CO2 emission; Solar design (bioclimatic greenhouses) and bioclimatic strategies (natural cooling system); sustainable water and waste cycle management (rainwater harvesting and community composting and recycling);
 -Green Energy: Energy autarky achieved by renewable energy resources such as solar and wind energy;
 -Green mobility: Electric vehicle charging station;
 -Green living: Passive houses that combines high-level comfort with very low energy consumption.

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Via Sant’Andrea 87/4, Bisceglie (BT), Italy