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Sustainability - an integral part of Pfleiderer's corporate philosophy

Ecologically and socially sustainable actions are among our main objectives. This implies a respectful and fair relationship with our employees, customers, suppliers and other business partners as well as a careful handling of resources. We endeavour and consider it a permanent task to avoid waste and actively reduce our consumption of energy.

As a complete wood-based panel manufacturer, we are aware of our special commitment to sustainability because we work with the renewable resource "wood", the most beautiful, aesthetic and natural material in the world.

Therefore, we commit ourselves to observe the following guidelines:

- Compliance with legal rules and regulations is just as self-evident for us as the implementation of our customers' requirements . Moreover, we constantly strive to enhance both our corporate environmental protection activities and our products.
- We see it as our responsibility to continuously improve energy-related performance, including energy efficiency, taking the usage and consumption of energy into account.
- We strive to keep our safety devices and organizational standards at a high level in order to avoid losses or limit their implications as far as possible. We train our employees at regular intervals, providing them with pertinent and comprehensive information, thereby promoting self-reliant and conscious action.
- We continously monitor and assess our processes and products and are committed to their continuous improvement, so as to achieve the highest product benefits for our customers and reduce inevitable impacts on the environment.
- New products and production methods designed to satisfy our customers' wishes, are tested for their environmental impact during the development stage. In doing so, we have a holistic approach. Naturally, we also carefully select our suppliers and service providers with a view to their dealing with environmental, energy- and resource-related issues and ensuring their employees' safety.
- We appreciate an open dialogue with our employees, customers and suppliers alike, as well as the authorities and the public. We make information about environmental impacts of our products and services available to our customers and the public.

For us, sustainable forestry means not procuring the following woods:

- illegally harvested timber.
- wood from regions, where traditional and civil basic rights are violated.
- wood from high-conservation value forests that are endangered by forest management.
- wood from regions where natural forests are converted into plantations or used for non-forest purposes.
- wood from forests that include genetically modified tree species.