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Pigro Felice® was created to embody luxurious pool and patio living. We aim to reflect a philosophy centered around the Aqua-Chic® lifestyle, where summers should be lazy and happy. Our high-end outdoor products have been developed by European designers and innovators, creating a complete line of inflatable furniture, pool apparel and waterproof solar lights. Pigro Felice® represents trendy, stylish, and innovative creations that redefine outdoor furniture and bring style to outdoor living.

Our products have all been developed by designers, working hand-in hand with engineers, to create items that have been crafted with the highest standards of quality, safety, and durability, yet still look stylish and elegant.

Our inflatable furniture uses our unique Modul’Air®, technology to create a sea of opportunities right from your pool or patio. These modular pool mattresses can be shaped into sofas, armchairs, or platforms as big and unique as you want them. Our water hammocks complete the experience for a lazy and happy day by the pool. Each of our Modul’Air® products is available in a variety of colors, and has been developed with sustainable, environmentally aware engineering, and has been built to last. Base parts can be connected endlessly to create spaces of luxury and laziness that fit any pool.

In line with a luxurious poolside lifestyle, Pigro Felice® has developed a line of pool wear that is unique. Our shorts, polos, tank tops, wristbands, towels, tote bags, caps, and hats have all been designed especially for stylish men and women. Our selection of fabric reflects comfort and durability, all the while maintaining a sense of style. A careful attention to details means that each product has been designed perfectly for an Aqua-Chic® life.

Pigro Felice’s® team of innovators has also developed Solar Light Balls that are completely waterproof and fully autonomous. Unlike LED light balls, our Solar Light Balls can charge throughout the day and be fully functional in the evenings, without ever having to recharge them. The waterproof remote allows for ease of use and a lazy, happy way to light patios and pools in the evening.

Pigro Felice® Philosophy

The entire Modul’Air® collection has been imagined to be as easy to use as possible. Each model comes in a specially designed packing bag and with an ultra-powerful pump that can get the inflatables ready to use in under 1 minute. Our leak-proof PVC means that the products only need to be refilled one week after being filled the first time, and then are ready to use all summer long. The same pump will also deflate the pool furniture quickly, making it easy to stow away for winter. The entire collection is stain resistant, and can be cleaned simply with water, a brush, and any mild soap.

Our team of innovators have developed a unique PVC (polyvinyl chloride) that is Phatalate-free, making it rated safe for kids and skin, all the while being non-carcinogenic. This safer option is also slip resistant, while remaining soft on the skin. Our products do not contain any Izo Dye, making them free of any plastic odor. Our PVC is durable, with an enhanced thickness that makes it resistant to tears, rips, and other damages. The material has also been developed to resist fading from exposure to chlorine or UV rays, be rated 3PHR on the Flame Retardant Safety Standard, and EN71 on the European Safety Standard. Of course, Pigro Felice’s® Modul’Air® collection is environmentally friendly, and can easily be recycled at your nearest recycling center.

The Good Life
Dedicated to the Aqua-Chic® lifestyle, Pigro Felice® designs items that integrate every aspect of the good life. Our approach to pool furniture redefines what inflatable products should look like, creating objects that are elegant yet comfortable, innovative yet easy to use. The Modul’Air® aspect of the collection allows for the creation of platforms that transform into the ultimate Aqua-Chic® tool, with space for the young and the less young, integrated drink holders, and pillows for resting.

Pigro Felice® literally means Lazy and Happy in Italian, and happiness is an integral part of everything we design. From our Modul’Air® collection that creates floating play spaces, to our trendy apparel that is ideal for ultra chic fun, and our Solar Light Balls that set the mood perfectly in the evening, fun is part of who we are. We don’t take ourselves seriously, but we’re very serious about the fun our products need to create.
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