Pittsburgh Corning
Pittsburgh Corning

Pittsburgh Corning

Manufacturers from Postbus 72, Nieuwegein, Netherlands
Founded in 1937 by equity affiliates Pittsburgh Plate Glass and Corning Glass Works, with its headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA, Pittsburgh Corning Corporation became a leader in innovative glass technology for construction materials.

Over seventy years later, Pittsburgh Corning is now a world leader in innovative architectural glass block systems design. In the past 60 plus years, solutions in industry and commercial environments required high performance FOAMGLAS® insulation, another Pittsburgh Corning product. From cryogenic cold to super heated steam temperatures, FOAMGLAS® cellular glass is the insulation with the most to offer when dealing with an end user's "mission critical" facilities demands.
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Pittsburgh Corning Nieuwegein Headquarters
+31 306035241
Postbus 72, Nieuwegein, Netherlands
32 (0)2 352 31 82
Albertkade 1, TESSENDERLO, Belgium
45 30 544 544
Hällebergsvägen 7, STENKULLEN, Sweden

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