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PLADEC is a new and registered trade mark of the Portuguese company POLO JCP LDA and is designed to manufacture high-end architectural and decorative MDF panels for wall coverings and furniture applications.

These MDF wall panels are widely used for interior decoration and for furniture because of their beautiful and natural appearance.

We are dedicated to work on challenging projects where we can give you the best to make your dreams come true.

PLADEC™ is able to create the most beautiful wall paneling for all kind of interiors.

We have developed PLADEC™ an new image of decoration to allow you to truly follow your imagination.

PLADEC™ is a designer and manufacturer of high-end decorative surfaces and components for wall paneling based in the north of Portugal and exporting to all corners of the globe.

Our unique MDF carved panels contains architectural elements such as waves, ornamental textures, modular repeating and continuous patterns.

We offer a variety of colors, textures, sizes and finish that allows you the total freedom of expression during the creative process.

MDF wall panels is one of the most inexpensive, economic and environmental friendly choice for your decoration.

PLADEC™ works closely with all users, interior designers, consultants, architects, contractors and with the community to create special places for living, working and shopping.
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