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Plane Sight Architecture

Plane Sight Architecture

Architects from Korte dijk 4, Schoonhoven, Netherlands
Plane stands for the infinate field of possibilities in architecture, the vast horizontal level in which we build, think and navigate. Sight is the most important sense in the perception of our built space and the tool for observation and analisis.
The name Plane Sight refers to a broad minded view. Every scale and situation has it´s uniqueness and therefore we try to understand all (f)actors in the process of design, to translate this into an project specific approach.

Plane Sight attaches great importance to the influence of architecture on all aspects of our environment. Therefore the office focuses on projects in which architecture has a close relation to a positive social, urban or landscape development. Not realising buildings just for the sake of building, but because of the surplus value the intervention has for it´s surroundings. With this sense of responsibility in mind, Plane Sight always asks the question: ´what is preceding the intervention, and what could it result in?´ This consciousness forms the basis of the concept, it´s all about architecture making a good contribution to our society.

To form a strategy for each project, the act of designing is considered as a small world. Each layer needs to be explored and incorporated within the concept and eventual design. Only an integral approach to the brief can lead to a complete and profound method of working. During the design process we encourage an intensive open communication with the client and experts, and for bigger projects Plane Sight enjoys multi-disciplinary collaborations. It´s the dynamics of these project orientated alliances which result in surprising fresh proposals and always with the goal to make a long lasting and daring design. In this, innovation is not a desire, but the means of development.
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