Manufacturers from Westervoortsedijk 73, Arnhem, Netherlands
Platowood provides sustainable, dimensionally stable and highly processable wood. This wood originates from responsibly managed forests. The unique and sustainable finishing process (platonising) enchances the qualities that are already present inside the wood, without the use of any chemical additives. Thorough finished wood with excellent durability, high dimension stability and easily workable.

The Platowood cycle
Throughout our entire process, we take a holistic approach towards protecting the natural environment as much as possible. To minimise our carbon footprint we choose to work with renewable raw materials. Our forests, wood selection, process, finish and waste recycling reflect our core values as a company and our attitudes towards the natural world.

Platowood’s unique finishing process: platonising under low temperatures, is the best method, because this method allows the wood to maintain its cell structure and thus all its favourable qualities. Better yet, it even gains a few better ones! Because of this, Platowood cannot be compared to other thermally modified wood. It’s justifiably unique.

Platowood is the only company in the world that modifies wood in this durable way, whereby all the characteristics that are already present in the wood are enhanced without chemical additives. The patented method is based on scientific research from the Netherlands. The production proceeds completely in-house at our factory on Industriepark Kleefse Waard in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

Characteristics of Platowood:
- Low maintenance
- Long lifespan (durability)
- High dimension stability
- Improved (sound)isolation value
- Environmentally friendly manufactured
- Without chemical additions
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