Plus Architekten ag
Plus Architekten ag

Plus Architekten ag

Architects from stansstaderstrasse 30, Stans, Switzerland
the waser achermann architecture gmbh and architect CM christen + mahnig ag Go on 01.01.2017 together and make than plus architekten ag

For the purposes of succession to the two architectural firms Stanser Waser Achermann Architektur GmbH and architects CM Christians + Mahnig AG merged on January 1, 2017th

The senior business partner Max Achermann, Alois Christen and Joseph Mahnig are their responsibilities and financial investments gradually handed over to the younger partners Theo Barmettler, Roland Odermatt and Luca Perna.

With this procedure a smooth continuation of the two offices is assured and the available resources will be strengthened in the new team.

As usual builders are accompanied in the private and public sectors in the realization of the small tag to the construction site.

The plus architekten ag designs, plans and implements structures with high aesthetic, economic and functional claim. With years of experience and sustainable quality standards, has a plus for each project.
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stansstaderstrasse 30, Stans, Switzerland