Polis | Platform for Urbanism

Polis | Platform for Urbanism

Association from Julianalaan 134, Delft , Netherlands
Because of the enormous economic declination, our field is currently confronted with, it is increasingly important to focus on possibilities and not to focus on the impossibilities. This also applies to the way Polis can be a support to the students at the faculty. Because there are plenty of challenging opportunities of which many students are not aware. These include electives, graduation courses, but especially the possible work fields after graduation. Therefore we want to help students at our faculty to better prepare for their next step by organizing events focusing on their future career.

To state in short the focus will be as follows:

- Bachelor students: enthuse for urbanism, possibilities within urbanism

- Master students: possibilities during the study, internships, electives and graduation courses

- Graduates: improve the connection with practice to inform the students and professionals about the urbanism developments

We believe there are lots of potentials, by involving young professionals and strengthening the relations with practice. A large and eye-catching event such as the Urbanism Week can be a great opportunity to involve companies from all workfields and strengthen the relation between study and practice.

Besides lectures and excursions, debates are an interesting way to position ourselves in the urban planning assignments of nowadays. A possibility to compare contracting approaches and develop one’s own position. Debate can be used to enlarge knowledge on specific topics as well as to share approaches and related experiences. The magazine of Atlantis can be used as a diverse and well spread medium to do so as well.

As the new board of Polis we are very enthusiast for the upcoming year. Our goal is to enlarge the amount of people involved with Polis, both students and professionals, in a contentfull and sociable way.
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