PORT means openess to us. The courage to gaze far into the unknown.Breathing fresh air. A place where different units arrive and depart. Many meanings are contained in the port. Variety and stabilization, technique and elemental strength, freshness, smell and taste of the ocean… Cooperation and individualitthe ocean… Cooperation and individuality. Freedom, joy, sometimes longing.By saying Christian Norberg-Schulz ‘ ”Port” is, moreover, one of the most recognizable types of space, and in many languages this word is used as synonyms for security and belonging. (…) For people ggrowing up in ports, the boat becomes a significant means of communication, giving them great freedom to choose the roads. Each project is part of our life-time, therefore every time we work hard to achieve something beautiful, important and interesting. We do things that we believe are right and can bring satisfaction. Our projects are inspired by philosophy, engineering, sociology, psychology, biology and economics. biology and economics. We work interdisciplinary. Sometimes we listen to our intuition or sense of humor. We analyze the problems and solving them through dialogue with the people and their beliefs. We do not flatbeat if we think that the action is false. We offer comprehensively serve to the client and project through all stages
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