Portal 92

Portal 92

Architects from 343-Sultanpur, MG Road, New Delhi-110030, India
Portal92 is a young and dynamic, interdisciplinary Architecture and Design Studio based out of Delhi-NCR.

We at P92 provide spatial solutions for multifarious requirements and typologies. P92 persists to develop sensitive designs which are capable of interaction with the intellect/emotion of our globalised community.

Conceived by a group of 90’s kids turned Architects to comprehend various space-time and inter-dimensional possibilities in Design. We attempt to engage with the intangible through explorations of the tangible. We thrive on jumping scale from our surrounding macro environs to the microcosms of live: object interaction. P92 desires to create works to defy stylistic categorisation and invite criticism for discourse. A barefoot adventure to explore the impact of creation when expression occurs in conjunction with directed evolution.
Our Projects
Our Offices
Portal 92 Headquarters
343-Sultanpur, MG Road, New Delhi-110030, India

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