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Projectcore Inc.

Projectcore Inc.

Developers from 284 King St. West, Suite 500, Toronto, Canada
Leaders in the Management of Complex, Difficult, Multi-Use Projects
Tarion Registered Vendor-Builder (Kofman Fine Homes)
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Project and Development Managers
Co-Venture Partners

Projectcore Inc.’s construction management team builds on a solid foundation of continued excellence. With over 25 years of experience in the construction industry our capacity and depth of experience covers all phases of the project development.

Our team brings a focused and flexible approach to the project regardless of size or complexity. We take a hands-on approach and work in conjunction with the owner. By working directly with the owner, we emphasize a co-operative team approach. We have a clear commitment to client satisfaction.

We serve as an extension to your organization, complementing your capabilities and working with you and we represent your interests first and foremost throughout the entire project.

Our project and construction management staff are the “eyes and ears,” working on behalf of the owner to ensure that the full scope of work is included. As project managers we incorporate accurate systems that will monitor the progress of the development, maintaining quality control and reporting back to the owner on the status of the project.

No project is too large or too small. We have constructed and managed all types and sizes of development with full commitment to each.
Our skilled construction management team provides all services to ensure fiscal accountability, accurate reporting, and responsibility. We also add value by introducing innovative options that may not have been previously considered to fast track the construction process. We have a deep understanding of what we need and how to ensure we arrive at the finish line with a positive result.
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