Psarrakos SA
Psarrakos SA

Psarrakos SA

Manufacturers from Navleri 3-5 Pireaus, Athens , Greece
The company "PSARRAKOS SA" operates in manufacturing Interior Lighting products since 1963. The hard work of its founder, the responsibility in producing and ethos of the staff contributed to recognition of the enterprise and emergence of a quality leader in the market.

The design of all lighting is done within the company and the first material used for metal parts are only brass. This ensures the high quality and allows us to provide a written guarantee of 10 years.

The privately owned premises are located in Piraeus, and shortly there will be ready the new, modern facility of 3,000 sqm at the Athens-Piraeus Highway.

Apart from serving the domestic needs in light quality, our products are exported to many countries around the world and mainly in Saudi Arabia, Australia (Melbourne), Cyprus and Canada.

Founder and CEO, Theodore Psarrakos has served as President of the Federation of Greek Manufacturers of lighting for 14 years.

The range of products is wide, including both classic creations and modern designs in an attempt to satisfy all needs of the public.

The advantage, however, that differentiates the company is the high product quality and the character and consistency in all operational functions.