QPRO creates high-quality lighting, multimedia and intelligent solutions, which transform the spaces around. QPRO improves the quality of living and living environment in general, creating new images, impressions and emotions. We provide professional lighting and automation solutions and best practices in lighting design using up-to-day technology. We speak equally good the language of architecture and the language of engineering. We consider all the details and features while creating high-quality, comfortable and aesthetically harmonious spaces for a person.



At the heart of each solution we place the creation of the most comfortable and flexible environment for humans. We do not only make a commercially successful project; we create comfortable space that considers the needs of the user.


Our expertise lies in the field of modern technologies and advanced developments in lighting and automation. We use our accumulated knowledge and the best world experience to design unique, individual and energy efficient solutions.


Harmony and balance are integral parts of quality engineering solution. Therefore, we pay attention not only to technical, but also to aesthetic side of each system. We show the artistic essence of the project, bringing the ideas of designers and architects to life, and make it unforgettable.

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