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At HOG Works Pty Ltd respect for the environment is paramount in all our business decisions. We strive to deliver solutions to environmental issues while minimising any negative impact on the environment from our activities. As industry innovators we are constantly working to improve our manufacturing and general trading practices, increase the longevity of our products and give them a myriad of uses, employ the most suitable materials to our designs and to generally decrease our footprint on earth whenever possible. Sustainability demands that we consider the entire life cycle of our products. We will develop strategies that enable us to move toward sustainability while enhancing the value offered to customers. We will measure and monitor progress toward our environmental goals as a key metric of our business success. We will constantly strive to ensure that we: Comply with environmental regulations and other requirements; Reuse or recycle waste materials and used products wherever possible; Deal with manufacturers and suppliers of like mind; Implement technologies to efficiently use energy and avoid waste; Design our products, processes, and buildings for the environment; and Promote environmental knowledge and awareness.
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