Ravnikar Potokar  architectural office
Ravnikar Potokar  architectural office

Ravnikar Potokar architectural office

Architects from Gregorčičeva ulica 9, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Architecture office Ravnikar Potokar d.o.o. was founded in 2003, by architects Vojteh Ravnikar and Robert Potokar. Before that, the office operated as a part of companies KARS d.o.o. Sežana and ARHE d.o.o. Ljubljana. In the last years, the office successfully works independently. The office is successfully led by Robert Potokar since September 2010 when Vojteh Ravnikar passed away.

The Ravnikar Potokar architectural office is engaged in a range of activities including architectural design, interior design, and urban planning projects. In co-operation with other experts and consultants, it can also design complex and demanding projects. The majority of its commissioned projects result from winning architectural and urban planning competitions.

The office is based on Gregorčičeva ulica 9 in Ljubljana. The team that works with the head of the office consists of graduate architects with many years of experience. A total of ten to twelve architects currently work in the office.