Roarc Renew

Roarc Renew

Architects from Shanghai, China
RoarcRenew, founded by Robben Bai in 2016, an architectural atelier focusing on urban renovation, space transformation, remodeling of old districts, trying to create a sustainable urban space.Team members and consultants come from Shanghai, Hong Kong, New York, Tel Aviv and other places. Projects cover urban renovation, architecture, interior design and industrial design, etc. The projects are distributed in Shanghai, Beijing, Jakarta, Nanjing, Suzhou, Qingdao, Jiaxing, Jingdezhen, Zhangjiajie and other places.

Each project of RoarcRenew respects and insists on the order of aesthetics in architecture and tries to preserve the unique sense of ritual and field spirit of each space. The design focuses on the balance between function and form, through the harmony of the spatial distribution, geometric form and field spirit, we seek to create "a fabulous glimpse of the order.”

The launch of our renovation project Mixpace-Mandela gained world-wide attention, has been reported by renowned media such as FRAME magazine, Domus China, AD Magazine, ELLE DECORATION, Gooood and Archdaily, etc.Mixpace-Mandela was selected as one of the“top 100 Most Popular Co-working Space” by AD Magazine and the “ MostPopularCo-workingSpace” byChina Interior Design&Decoration Association. Carlowitzs & Co., another renovation project of RoarcRenew, won the iF “ 2019 DESIGN AWARD ”(Workplace design), and it was covered by Time Architecture Magazine.Poly Lighting Up-Joints Pavilion, was reported by the World Architecture Magazine. Meanwhile, Robben Bai was selected as one of the“Top 100 Young Designer Award in 2017”by Domus China;and he was selected as the 2019 Forbes China 30 Under 30 list of fashion and art.

Robben Bai
Founder and Lead Architect
Graduated from East China Normal University, and worked for Israeli architect Haim Dotan’s office, participated in the reconstruction of the Israel Pavilion at the World Expo in 2010, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge, the musical dream factory of the SIVA
, the reconstruction of the AlarmRaya residential area in Indonesia, the reconstruction of the Spanish Sunshine Tower and some other international projects.In 2016, RoarcRenew was founded by Robben Bai, which takes urban renovation, overall planning, remodeling of old district and other issues as the main research line, taking innovative design thinking as the leading, respecting architectural history and urban culture, and striving to create sustainable urban space.

Roarc Renew always enters into commercial projects with architectural attitude, trying to explain the composition of space in architectural language, breaking and reorganizing in pattern based on commercial thinking. What is "architecture" in the context of this era? The answer given by Roarc Renew is "urban renovation". The "urban renovation" approach to architectural practice is to balance the relationship between art and economy, aesthetics and function.

Roarc Renew put forward the concept of “ IP is MORE ”. IP is a kind of "symbol". It may be "cultural symbol", "visual symbol", "spiritual symbol" and so on. We believe that design is the service and balance, design is the process of creating IP, and behind it, is the complicated connection of logic, knowledge, spirit and culture.
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