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Seeks to create an Architecture of complex spatial effects with modest means. What distinguishes RMA is the ability to turn ordinary projects into exceptional architecture. robert maschke ARCHITECTS views project constraints as opportunities for design. Consequently, different versions of “economy” are conceptualized and implemented in RMA’s work. Gestures, materials, and atmospheres are investigated for essential qualities; techniques are developed and technologies deployed, resulting in experimental Architecture honed specifically for each project. robert maschke ARCHITECTS approaches each endeavor with a highly refined design sensibility while advocating for a heightened public awareness of Architecture. The recipient of many awards, including the 2012 AIA Ohio Gold Medal Firm Award and national honors from the American Institute of Architects, RMA is committed to advancing the practice of Architecture throughout Ohio and beyond. All of RMA’s projects receive equal levels of effort and intensity, regardless of the medium, scale, or type. Two projects in particular, Gordon Square Bus Shelters and Brunswick University Center, are exemplary of RMA’s architectural approach. Each bus shelter is a single sheet of perforated stainless steel, folding to accommodate functional and aesthetic parameters while creating a durable and vandal resistant structure. With the Brunswick University Center, RMA was challenged by an unremarkable context, compact site, tight budget and aggressive schedule. RMA viewed these constraints as opportunities for the creation of a distinct Architecture. The material palette echoes the surrounding buildings, articulated as a series of envelopes that interlock in plan and section, interior and exterior. In this way, the building defers to its context while creating a visual expression that embodies the architectural experience. Twenty-first century Architecture can be characterized as moving from conspicuous consumption toward a new brand of resourcefulness. From its inception, robert maschke ARCHITECTS' work has engaged this ethic, offering a model for Architecture’s future. The result is a nationally recognized body of work that exposes contemporary architecture to a broad and diverse public, enriching the lives of many.
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