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Architects from 11 Wilton Road, Westport, United States
Roger Ferris and Partners is a renowned Architectural firm practicing architecture, interior design and masterplanning services for private and public sectors. Our design approach synthesizes creative imagination and rational logic. Our approach to design and our passion for diverse and challenging projects is enhanced by the ability to cross-pollinate design skills among building typologies. The design strategies employed are defined by a clear organizational methodology and are implemented through careful attention to human scale. In fact, practicing architecture and planning at a variety of scales is not only a component of the firm’s root philosophy, it supports and advances our work.

Upon examining our body of work, one discovers projects that are not necessarily linked stylistically; however, each design solution represents a contextual response, whether to an existing urban environment or to elements in a natural landscape. We have strategically pursued work with a wide range of clients, resulting in projects of various types and scales. These include master plans, commercial buildings, office interiors and single-family residences. Each discipline informs the other and the projects vary in size from small and often intricate essays in interior design to large, complex buildings defined by beautifully proportioned, well-executed spaces with well-developed details. Our methodology embodies unique design sensitivity and allows for a focused approach that is applied in various ways to all of the firm’s projects. The firm is committed to providing noteworthy architecture that responds to its environment while still further engaging the process of design exploration. The multitude of our project scales allows for investigations in details and construction methods unparalleled by most practices. Roger Ferris and Partners have won over 70 regional and national awards and international citations and are recognized as a world leader in both commercial and residential architecture.
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