Rossini Illuminazione
Rossini Illuminazione

Rossini Illuminazione

Manufacturers from viale Kennedy 5, Segrate (Mi), Italy
For over 85 years, Rossini Illuminazione, situated in the heart of Lombardy, has embodied ‘the creation of light’.

In 1929 the Rossini Otello company was founded in Milan, it began as a small business selling artistic creations crafted by expert Venetian glass-makers. In 1946 the first artistic lamps made from Murano glass appeared on the market and by the 50’s, the Rossini company had already widened their product range to incorporate these creations, thanks to the opening of a large showroom and well-stocked, efficient warehouse.

In the 60’s the management of the company passed on to the second generation of the family thus changing the course of business and taking it to a higher level. In 1961 the first Rossini Illuminazione catalogue was printed: the collection of items in it included approximately ten items that combined the elegance of the Murano artistic glass with the convenience of the structure conceived by the Milanese craftsmen. With this new sales vision the company acquired acknowledgement on national territory and in the years to follow became competent in meeting the needs of the various categories in the world of lighting; from private individuals to architects, from fitters to contractors, from small dealers to large resellers. The evermore varied range of products, a rich and clear catalogue and a warehouse fully stocked for prompt deliveries are the pillars of Rossini Illuminazione’s business strategy which enables them to face the challenges that the market presents.

Since 1996 the company has been based in Segrate, in the Milanese hinterland, and has a site of 8000 m2 which is completely computerised thus enabling the efficient management of a stock of 5000 items. It boasts a large showroom where qualified staff are at the customers’ disposal for anything they need. The company is now managed by the third generation of the family and its range of products satisfy all the requirements for indoor, outdoor, home and office lighting and is particularly sensitive to environmental sustainability and the development of LED technology.

This long tradition and progressive evolution in the world of ‘light creation’ is showcased today in two catalogues which have been completely modernised, they embody two different styles, two ways of conceiving light: DECO and TECH.
The DECO catalogue comprises lamps that have a minimal and essential design, employing materials that range from glass to aluminium, incorporating fabric and polycarbonate. The collection also includes both traditional and refined designs enhanced with blown glass and artistic Venetian craftsmanship. The catalogue offers a range of bathroom lighting solutions and fans. There are many solutions that feature LED technology: devices that are designed for the best lighting performance, excellent energy efficiency and consumption reductions.
The TECH catalogue rich in insights and technical details has been conceived as a reference for up-to-date information on LED technology and will be subject to updates and reviews as the latter develops. It offers innovative indoor and outdoor solutions aimed at private individuals and professionals, for homes and businesses, suitable for offices and retail stores.