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RTA-Office (Real Time Architecture Office) is a branch of Santiago Parramon architectural office, which since 1991 has its headquarters in Barcelona (SPAIN).
Since the development of their work recognized at the local level, the architectural office begins around the year 1999 to show its global claim.
First in prestigious publications around the world, then in conferences in the USA and Europe and later in competitions, projects and buildings, his work started to be recognized internationally.
Santiago Parramon's first contact with China occurred in 2000 when the magazine World Architectural Review selected his work to be included in its publication No. 75 and published 35,000 copies (World Architecture Review 2000-06, n.75, Monographic Parramón & Associates). Since then the office has devoted particular attention to this Asian country and it has continued to publicize its work.
In 2006 Santiago Parramon (RTA-office) was selected by the Spanish government to represent the Spanish architecture in China. Together with seven other renowned Spanish Architects he presented his works and projects in the cities of Shenzhen and Tianjin.
In 2007 he received an "Honorable Mention" in the prestigious international competition for the Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem (Israel), opening a new phase for the work of Santiago Parramon (RTA-office) worldwide.
After the liberalization of the Chinese market for the implementation of architectural services firms, he founded Santiago Parramon Office Architectural Consulting Co. Ltd.
This is the first WOFE (wholly owned foreign enterprise) of Spanish architecture in China, with 100% Spanish capital.
Having thoroughly investigated the potential of this market, Santiago Parramon (RTA-office) decided to settle permanently in China, to be close to its customers and works.
In 2009 he opened his workshop in Shanghai, where collaboration between Western and Chinese architects and designers together with Barcelona office, allows developing singular large scale projects worldwide.
The question is to establish the bridge between Spain and China. Spain as the birthplace of renowned artists and creators and China as forward-looking culture.
The Shanghai office already has a lot of experience, has grown rapidly from a team of 4 people to one of 15, has been invited to compete in China with the most prestigious international firms in competitions for the development of new districts and buildings in cities like Tianjin, Suzhou, Shenzhen and Hainan Island and has built its first building in China in the city of Jinhua, whose work has been completed in February 2011.
This is the design of a waterfront park and construction on it of a landmark forum building that defines the new growth of the city, located between the two major bridges of the same, which communicate the administrative and governmental area with the new business district.
Since many years RTA-office already jumped from local to global. Our offices started working closely and globally.
Last step was the establishment of collaboration with a large office in Istanbul, through the direct presence of RTA Architects in the Turkish office. The collaboration puts together the great experience in design field of RTA-Office with the renowned experience in detailed design and construction field of our partners in Istanbul.
RTA with its Partner has achieved its first success in Turkey, where has been selected in the short list for the second phase of the competition for the new City Hall, Cultural Center, Shopping Center and Market in the city of Manisa.
We believe our team is only one, working in different locations and with a great capacity of response to projects from different countries.
This is our future: think globally, understand the contemporary condition and act on it. To live a global architectural experience.


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