Rubinetterie Stella Spa
Rubinetterie Stella Spa

Rubinetterie Stella Spa

Manufacturers from Via Brunelli Maioni, 44, Borgomanero, Italy
Rubinetterie Stella : more than 130 years of history, excellence and reliability!

STELLA products represent the accumulation of more than 130 years’ experience, a combination of extensive know-how and an acute attention-to-detail vis-à-vis every single component.

Rubinetterie Stella can be justifiably regarded as one of the leading European manufacturers of tap ware, being the undisputed ‘barometer’ of excellence and a veritable icon of so-called "made in Italy" luxury in terms of bathroom taps, accessories, towel warmers and, most recently, taps for the kitchen.

Founded in 1882 in Cireggio on Lake Orta as a turnery and foundry, the company – under the guidance of its owner Pietro Stella - soon started to specialise in the production of taps and bathroom accessories. Even by the early 1900s Rubinetterie Stella was already at the top of the global market, thanks to its innovative designs and supreme levels of craftsmanship.

Quality of raw materials, cutting-edge technical research, high-functionality and a focus both on detail and aesthetics: these are still the fundamental traits of each and every Stella tap. Mechanical procedures are performed in small runs with controls taking place every step of the way; Stella is the only manufacturer to use bronze instead of brass for all the concealed components, specifically chosen for its proven durability and superior lifespan.

The finishes are all perfected using a special technique, re-introduced by Stella, which guarantees a beauty and brilliance that in no way diminishes with the passing of time.
All company resources focus on and gravitate around what has always been the single most important company "mission": the product, with a clear emphasis on quality and detail in combination with those two elements providing its ‘essence’: style and innovation.

Several of Stella’s product lines or ‘Serie’ bear the signature of some of the world’s most outstanding names in the field of design, namely Norman Foster, Carlo Santi, Luca Scacchetti, Marco Piva and Maurizio Duranti. Thanks to their contribution, the brand has won the respect of many prestigious clients, particularly amongst the luxury hotel fraternity, examples being Grand Hotel Villa d'Este (Cernobbio - Como), Hotel Gritti (Venice), Excelsior Gallia (Milano), JK Place Hotel (Florence); Hotel Majestic (Rome), Ritz (Paris), Hotel Beach Plaza (Monte Carlo), Jolly Carlton Hotel (Amsterdam), Hotel Savoy (Moscow), Serena Hotel (Nairobi), Hotel Sounduss (Rabat), Raj Palace (India).

The ranges manufactured by Rubinetterie Stella include taps which were originally produced between the years 1920 and 1930, offering designs which epitomise a timeless luxury and which have often been copied but never equalled in terms of quality and refinement.

These items constitute the Serie Storiche and include models such as Italica, introduced in the early 1900s and representing Stella’s first major success story, Roma which has been produced without interruption since 1926 and Eccelsa the "super-luxury hexagonal series" (as described in the company’s marketing literature of 1930), which was reintroduced in 2007 to mark Stella’s 125th anniversary.

Models of the Serie Classiche include Aster which features "Protector", a unique and patented technical solution capable of preserving the seal from valve wear, Box a mono-command mixer and precursor to the high-tech, minimalist look and Emisfero with its flowing yet robust lines.

The Serie Contemporanee are made up of models boasting a modern, forward-looking design, in keeping with Stella’s historic ability to not just anticipate the tastes and trends of tomorrow, but to create products suitable for every era and ambiance. Examples include Bamboo and Bamboo Quadro, mixer taps by architect Marco Piva, Lucilla, with its elementary and elegant form and Luca Scacchetti’s distinctive star design appropriately named Stella.

Casanova, created by the architect Maurizio Duranti forms part of the Serie Nuove, a line which further enriches Stella Rubinetterie’s offer for the bathroom, be it contemporary or traditional in style. This ‘collection’ encompasses single lever taps, thermostatic controls, shower items and matching accessories. Also part of the Serie Nuove is innovative Firenze, brainchild of architect Giampiero Castagnoli, which embodies the design philosophy of the Stella brand as well as paying homage to the tradition and culture of Italy.

Architect Michele De Lucchi created two collections for Stella: the classic contemporary 130 collection, born in 2012 to celebrate the 130 of the company, with its fluid and slender shapes, and the uniquely sculptorial Titian collection, that recall the pyramids and the hanging gardens, but with a strong architectural component and geometric purity.

Recalling our collection Aster, our latest collection named TimeAster represent its natural evolution, joining design and Mechanical features and with clear references to the most sophisticated and appreciated watch making factories.

Throughout its history, Rubinetterie Stella has worked with a network of qualified and specialised distributors, specifically chosen for their ability to ensure a high standard of service. Thanks to these representatives, the company is also able to guarantee - both in the domestic market and abroad - a professional and personalised after-sales service, thereby ensuring the availability and prompt delivery of spare parts both today and for many years to come.

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