Rue Royale Architectes
Rue Royale Architectes

Rue Royale Architectes

Architects from 9, avenue leclerc, Lyon, France
Created in 1994 by Michel Essertier, architect and urban planner and Didier Richard, architect, the Rue Royale agency was named after its first address. The name is now synonymous with a determined approach to urban planning and a certain notion of how to develop projects collectively.

In recent years Rue Royale has expanded with new young architects becoming partners in the firm : Anne Delevallée, Romain Rousset and Aurélien Thomas. As well as infusing a new dynamic within the company, they are also responsible for developing our practices using new technologies. Rue Royale likes to work on diverse programmes on a range of scale: public-sector facilities, urban spaces, tertiary programmes, residential programmes etc. Each project is nourished by our thinking about how to combine the integration of the site, its heritage and the architecture. Before even starting to think about the architecture it is vital that all the data from the site are taken into consideration - the urban development, the landscape, the natural and protected areas around it. The Rue Royale agency has made a considered choice not to follow a standard formal line. A methodical analysis of the programme, the site and the bridges between them generates the unique identify of each project developed. This avoids the pitfalls of repetition and a fixed house style. However, there are certain constants in our work, notably innovating uses of new materials and a certain sobriety in our designs.

Each project emerges from a multitude of proposals which are each in turn designed, critiqued and improved... This melting pot of analyses and ideas is at the heart of the design process. Sustainable development is also fully integrated into this process. Above and beyond the need to comply with standards, our thinking and proposals take into account the need to accommodate people's lifestyles and optimise energy use and comfort. Rue Royale's environmental approach is very much focused on quality in line with the broader considerations of quality of use standards.
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