SA lab

SA lab

Architects from St Petersburg, Russia
SA lab is located in St.-Petersburg and works in the field of architecture with algorithmic methods and computational design approach. The scale of projects varies from small architectural forms to development of urban areas.

Projects are based on a multilevel analysis of the place and processes. Using the most advanced technologies allows to increase the design process speed and get the optimal solution for the tasks.

Projects by SA lab were awarded for their progressive and innovative character in international and Russian competitions.

TOP-12 of the best young architectural bureaus of Russia according to ARCHMoscow 2017
TOP-30 architects under the age of 35 at the First Russian Youth Architectural Biennale

We design:
public and residential buildings
public spaces
public and commercial interiors

We collaborate:
with universities and colleges by holding workshops with topics of computational design and digital production with architectural firms helping with a part of parametric design
Our Projects
Our Offices
SA lab Headquarters
St Petersburg, Russia

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