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Sacha Lakic Design

Sacha Lakic Design

Designers from 1 rue de l'Alzette, L- 7210 Helmsange, Luxembourg
Sacha Lakic is a designer who loves movement and speed, and has a strong passion for future technologies. He is one of the rare designers capable of moving from one world to another with both ease and effectiveness, and has carried out many ambitious projects including automotive design, furniture, architecture and product design.

With an unconventional approach, Lakic look upon design as an act of creation integrated into an industrial environment. Always loyal to the comfort and enjoyment that his designs provide the user, his creations have met with dazzling success simply because they are an astute blend of beauty and functionality, technique and emotion. The idea of motion and sensual shapes always present in his design have become his signature.

Now heading an international multidisciplinary design studio created in Paris 2004, Sacha Lakic continues his collaborations with leading companies around the world with many fascinating projects underway for 2015 and 2016 in the fields of fashion, public transportation, exclusive motorcycles and innovative architecture.
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