Sala Ferusic
Sala Ferusic

Sala Ferusic

Architects from Sant Salvador 63-65, Barcelona, Spain
Sala Ferusic / ArchitectsSALA FERUSIC is an architectural studio founded in 2008 by the architects Carles Sala and Relja Ferusic, which activates, integrates, coordinates and dynamizes a multidisciplinary structure of both internal and external professionals in order to optimize the quality in architecture, urban planning and arch I+D+i.

SALA FERUSIC works in synergy along with other integrated fields (engineering, marketing, communication, art) or even with other architects in order to generate a dynamic and symbiotic network to clearly guarantee a responsible architecture in terms of sustainability, in its widest range.

They manage needs and interests and formalize them through worksystems that come up from the empathic and analytic relationship with users, citizens and clients, which are defined in specific strategies through the dialogue.

Among the work of the studio it is important to enhance the winery ‘Mas Rodó’, Honourable Mention in FAD’s prize ‘Vivir con Madera’, or the winery ‘Lagravera’, First Prize at the ‘3M 2010’ Awards by the Association.

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