Sander Mulder
Sander Mulder

Sander Mulder

Designers from Peter Zuidlaan 22, Veldhoven, Netherlands
About Sander Mulder
Born in 1978, he started studying design in 1996, sparked by the creativity and ingenuity he displayed as a child. It soon hit home; this would become his life long passion. His successful graduation from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2002, resulted in the start-up of his own design studio. Always seeking new challenges and inspirations he has since then steadily been working on a diverse portfolio containing lighting, furniture and interior designs for international clients and his own collection. His work is proof of the firm believe that good concepts should only exist in symbiosis with a good execution. It investigates new ways of approaching the construction, functionality and aesthetics of everyday objects and spaces. The resulting work is a combination of strong lines and subtle details with innovative techniques
and bold statements, often questioning archetypes and their interpretations by mankind.

About the studio
Over the years, Sander Mulder has grown to become an international operating design studio, which specializes in the field of furniture-, lighting- and interior design. Our characteristic designs have left their traces in homes, galleries and museums all over the world.

We work for you
Because we believe good conceptual skills can be applied to anything, and that new experiences stimulate creativity. Although our studio specializes in furniture, lighting and interior design, we love to work on all kinds of design projects. We are able to develop (your) projects from innovative concept to finished product, while maintaining the highest quality standards. Our out of the box thinking has proven itself invaluable over the years for numerous international clients.

We work for ourselves
With no urge to fulfill expectations other then our own, we immerse ourselves in all kinds of subjects. Inspired and refreshed our resulting dreams are made into reality through beautiful craftsmanship. While focusing on quality instead of quantity, we produce exclusive (and sometimes limited) series of our designs which we sell and ship directly to you; worldwide.