Sanya Polescuk Architects

Sanya Polescuk Architects

Architects from Greater London, United Kingdom
Who We Are
Award winning practice, Sanya Polescuk Architects (SPA) has an established reputation for their confident modern redesign of listed residential and commercial properties and of those in designated Conservation Areas. SPA breathes new life into old – their sustainable and viable approach makes historical settings fully appreciated habitats in the 21st century.

With skilful refurbishment and extensions, SPA is able to regenerate an existing dated building into a welcoming, functional and contemporary setting, with an emphasis on being environmentally sound. SPA enjoys the challenge of working with complicated contextural constraints inherent in existing properties, including having to work closely with the Local Authority. These challenges helps fuel solutions are imaginative, functional and seek to maximise the potential of the building.

Our Approach
Nothing has to be only what it appears at first glance. A space is like a stage set, enabling a variety of scenes to be played out. We create spatial continuity that facilitates movement and generates light. “Rooms” can have ambiguous definition; without clear extent, always carrying on beyond the eye, they can form an overall architecture that is both ordered and dynamic.

We like re-claimed materials, adopted, adapted and boldly fused with the best of modern design; a mixture of light Industrial components and materials, with their confident aesthetics and precision, juxtaposed with the more modest, rudimentary, craft-like aesthetics of natural materials and on-site techniques.

We treat colour with a similar logic by exposing and enhancing it. Wherever possible a natural or man-made material with distinct inherent hue is used for its permanence, solidity and longevity. Applied colour is introduced to add dynamism and underline the difference between the building’s permanent structure verses its fit-out.

We work as a team with other consultants and contractors to create innovative, realistic and exceptional quality designs. Always keeping in mind that we all work for, and with, the client. Those now outdated images of the Architects and Contractors being in competition with each other are no longer needed.

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